There is weird and strange information on the internet about many different things. Some of the info there is true but not all should be believed to be so. Several of the data are myths that are there only to misguide the readers. The majority of the information is related to the medical field and especially to dentistry.

Preventive care Suggestions for Improving Oral Health

What should you do to keep you and your family safe from false knowledge? One thing that can be suggested is to visit the Emergency dentist for kids and take recommendations on protecting the teeth of your child with proper methods.

  • The initial thing that the dentist will tell you is on the proper brushing of your kid’s teeth. There are two points to remember; one is to follow the correct technique of brushing and the other is to use the right type of brush.
  • Next, the choice of toothpaste is important. The toothpaste that has fluoride and calcium in it is best to use; as both make teeth strong.
  • Floss is a thread that is used after brushing to take out any tiny particles that might have remained between the teeth.
  • If you think that brushing and flossing only will eliminate the bacteria then you are mistaken. The tongue can collect bacteria on it so the dentist will suggest scraper to scrape off the debris.
  • Mouthwash must be used to sanitize the mouth even more. This liquid has antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory components that help to clean the mouth, teeth, and tongue.

Emergency dentist for kids warn about Weird Myths

It is crucial that you know about the weird myths that are circulating around the internet. But you should know that all of them are falsely fabricated to mislead the people from the true path.  You should never believe them and it is best to consult some child orthodontics like at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa to know the right methods and procedures.

Good Cleaning by Rigid Brushing

Many people think that you have to brush really hard to clean your teeth. But did you know that it can damage the protective enamel on the teeth which makes it weak? The brushing should be in a soft circular motion. The kids think that it is best to thoroughly brush the teeth but they are not told to softly do it. It is very wrong to teach children the wrong ways.

No flossing anymore

Another myth that is roaming the internet is that when you have brushed your teeth then there is no need for flossing. All of the cleanings of the teeth are perfectly done through brushing. But what you will do about the tiny food particles that get stuck in between the teeth? So you have to definitely train your child on using floss.

Chewing Gum is same as Brushing

It is somewhat true that chewing gum helps to take off some of the food substances from the teeth but it can never replace brushing. You can take the head of the brush anywhere you want inside your mouth. At many times the gum sticks between the teeth and can cause further problems.

Gum Diseases only related to Mouth

If you have severe gum diseases then it doesn’t mean that the problem related to the mouth. This can be a sign that the child can develop other illnesses that are not related to the teeth and mouth only. You have to be very careful and keep up with the dental checkups whenever possible.

Healthy Teeth are always White

It is not a set rule that the whiter the teeth; the healthier they are. The dentists have observed on various occasions that children are having white teeth but there are complications from the inside like damage to the gums. It is a very wrong concept to accept that only white teeth are healthy.

No Problem, No Dental Checkup

No dental problems in your child mean that you have taken very good care of him/ her. There are many people who seem to be your friend and will suggest that you can save money by not going for regular checkups. It will seem fair enough but don’t make a mistake of listening to them. It can happen that later the child has some problems and you find out that it was developing for a few months now and you didn’t come for the checkup.

Brush the Baby Teeth Less Often

People will give you another myth to believe that don’t brush the teeth of your baby daily. The reason they give is that the teeth are very fragile and can break from the roots. It is nature’s rule that the teeth of babies come out, fall, and are replaced by new ones. It doesn’t mean that you stop caring for the teeth.

Fruit Juices instead of Soda

Soda drinks are the worst enemy of teeth but to think that you can give fruit juices instead then you are mistaken. Fruit juices also contain citric acid that is damaging to the teeth. Believing in this myth can result in severe damage to the teeth of your child. 

Mouthwash a Replacement for Brushing

Lastly, the Emergency dentist for kids warns that using only mouthwash and not focusing on brushing and flossing can cause serious problems in your child’s teeth. Mouthwash is used to treat the bad breath symptoms not to fight plaque or cavities.