vegetarian restaurant Singapore

If you are vegan and stick to the habit, then it is the vegetarian restaurants that cater to the specific vegetarian needs of Singapore residents. Their service is not just limited to people who are already settled here but also for travelers who come searching for vegetarian food in an island full of meat based restaurants. The Indian origin vegetarian restaurant Singapore could be a great choice if you are specifically Indian and stubborn about eating only the Indian Thalis.  By walking the length and breadth of Cuff Road in Singapore you will find your favorite vegetarian restaurant   as the road has high concentration of them.

If it is an Indian restaurant, you are likely to have spread which is fit for heavenly inhabitants. It is usual for Indian restaurants to include all the traditional foods that are famous, in their menu. Indian food menu is squarely divided into two categories namely North Indian and South Indian. The food items served in these restaurants can be individualistic orders or fixed Thalis or plates. The former is delivered according to the items you select from the menu and the latter is a combination of what is being served at the restaurant and in the right proportions and quantity. The Thali option is also cheaper considering the fact that you will have to order extra if you need something more than provided in the Thali.

Coming to the Menu, the vegetarian restaurant Singapore will serve a whole range of north Indian food which is predominantly Punjabi or Gujarati. These two culinary sectors have contributed great many recipes that are walloped with glee by food connoisseurs from across the world. The Punjabi chole- gulche, chole-bhature, Makka Ki Roti, Sarsong Da Saag, Rich Butter Lassi, and a fantastic range of mouth watering stuffed-paranthas or breads accompanied by salad, chutneys and spicy pickles is what make up a Punjabi menu as well as Punjabi Thali. On the other hand the Gujarati food fare will consist of popular snacks like Dhokla, Paav-Bhaaji,  Khaman, khandvi, Thepla, Undhiyu, Handvo and many others. A gujrati Thali will consist of roti, dal or kadhi, rice, sabzi or saag. These are sumptuous meals that are purely vegetarian and easy to stomach.

What do you expect to be served at vegetarian restaurant Singapore?

Their richness in taste and nutrition make them number one Indian foods sought by people from all over the world and not just people of Indian origin. The Indian based Singapore restaurant is what you should be looking at when you want to eat the above foods. You can expect the food to be utterly delicious with the right amount of spice though Gujarati items will be sweeter as they are added with sugar in all their preparations.    Overall these Indian food items we mentioned here are highly nutritious, colorful and immensely easy on your stomach. They are great combination of sweet and sour, spicy and salty and greatly lased with exotic herbs and masalas that are specially imported from the shoes of Indian. You must find the right vegetarian restaurant Singapore of Indian origin to have the best of the above.