Accounting and Finance are an essential task for every company. No matter the company is a startup or an established organization, the accounting function needs to be handled carefully. Since that function falls under the non-core category, companies outsource the tasks to focus on their core business. 


Notably, the companies in a developed country like the USA prefer to outsource their accounting and finance projects to developing countries like India. 


Outsourcing gives enormous benefits to the company. From accessing expert skills to getting high-quality results on time, Outsourced accounting services offer many benefits. 


This article focuses on the top 10 ways USA accounting firms can benefit if they outsource their functions to India. 


#1. Hire a talented workforce 

As accounting and Finance need specialized skills, it is better to hire proficient professionals. India has a wide range of skills professionals who can efficiently work on complex accounting tasks. They can smartly handle the critical projects and projects from the different industry verticals and deliver you the most profitable results. 


#2. Cost-effective services

 It is one of the significant advantages associated with outsourced accounting services. A considerable amount of money can be saved when you outsource accounting and finance tasks. The pay scale of Indian is relatively cheaper than the employees in the USA. Apart from this, the currency conversion makes the outsourcing accounting services in India a cost-effective alternative. 


#3. Avoid tax penalties 

Inappropriate tax accounting reports can cause you tax penalties. But, while you outsource the services, the expert executives work on your project. They acknowledge the latest rules and regulations of the tax and other accounting & finance related matters. They can easily handle the entire process and easily avoid tax penalties. 


#4. Modernized result 

Change is the only constant in the market. From software to skills, everything gets updated time to time. Especially in the accounting field, the software and the latest tools get periodic updates. It is not convenient to frequently invest in modern software and perform the task. However, if you outsource the task to the company, you can definitely embrace the benefit of up-to-date technology and systemic outsourced accounting services.


#5. Uncompromised data security 

Outsourcing service providers use their predefined protocols. Accounting services providers in India primarily use a robust security policy that ensures the security and privacy of the data. Outsourcing services in India has strict regulation of the confidentiality agreements so that you can sit back and relax about the critical financial information. At FinAcc Global, we strictly adhere to the security protocols and understand the confidentiality of your documents. Hence, we assure NDA (Non-Discloser Agreement) while we collaborate with our clients. 


#6. Take advantage of time zone 

The difference in the time zone often helps the USA accounting companies get 24/7 services without interruptions. Also, the Indian time zone is almost half a day ahead of the USA. It means if you send the work by the end of your day, you can be assured that you will receive the complete work before the next working day.


#7. Highly accurate results 

Outsourced accounting services assures 99.9% accuracy in results, which requires years of experience and capabilities. While you outsource accounting or finance tasks, you can undoubtedly expect accurate and lucrative results. The outsourcing service provider firm can effectively manage the back office function and deliver you the most prolific accounting services. 


#8. Embrace scalability  

Generally, the accounting service providers in India have the required resources and availability to scale up or scale down the services or resources depending on business requirements. They can quickly employ modifications to the services as per your needs. This approach helps in saving a valuable amount of time and money. 


#9. Avoid reconciliation flaws

Bank reconciliations can be a quite tiresome and time-consuming process. It requires you to keep track of all the payments through the bank during the rolling out of paystubs. This can be circumvented by assigning payroll services to experienced payroll outsourcing companies in India.


#10. Focus on business expansion opportunities

While you decide to outsource accounting and finance services, you use a comprehensive focus on core business operations. The outsourcing service provider will take the responsibilities and complexities associated with accounting and finance tasks. So, you can productively use the time in business expansion opportunities. Besides, accurate accounting reports will allow you to make informed decisions for business growth. 


All in all, an outsourcing service to India is beneficial for firms in the USA. From saving costs to accessing expert skills, the USA accounting firms can embrace many advantages. As they do not have to deal with the complex accounting tasks, outsourced accounting services help them stay engaged in the core business operations. FinAcc Global, the accounting service provider in India, offers industry-best accounting and finance related services with the most accurate results and zero down