When was the last time you got the air conditioner in your house service for repair or routine maintenance? Three months ago? Six months? Or is it more?

Never heard about setting up a regular routine for maintaining the air conditioning set up? Well, now you know and we’d discuss a bit why it is so important.

The importance of maintaining the air conditioner

Why is it that once you have installed the air conditioner in your house, you would still keep hearing about managing the repair of damages in time or routine cleaning in a timely manner? If you have ever read that manual about the AC’s parts, you would notice that it is not a very simple machine. There are several processes going on inside this seemingly plain cooling device through different parts. Should anyone processes get hindered due to trouble with a part, the machine would definitely underperform or not perform at all.

The result is not just ‘no cooling’ but rather the damage caused to the part, the time required to fix it, and the unavoidable expense. Hence the high value placed on an inspection and maintenance routine.

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Which parts need I clean

For this, you need to know what all parts an air conditioning system comprises of and the cleaning or maintenance needs that each has.

  • Unit filters: These are responsible for giving you cool and clean All the dust particles or other contaminants are gathered behind this shield to give you better air quality, ensuring you have a better and not just a cooling experience with the product on hand. As a result of the blockage, the AC would be made to consume more energy and possibly break down.

De-clog meticulously, both the inside and outer unit filters personally or with professional help.

  • Condenser & compressor: The key components interacting with the coolant and helping the warm air to convert to cold air. Any dust or debris hindering the process carried out these most obviously means the AC would break down.


Airblown strongly through a blower or the use of a special vacuum cleaner could help rid these of the dirt. Be careful with these as these are mostly boxed in the outer unit of split and central ACs and might have some sharp objects collected amongst the debris.

  • Air ducts: Specifically, for the central HVAC systems, these are the connectors that carry the cool air from the outer unit to the vents distributed throughout a building with a pipe-like structure. You may not believe but the ducts often house a lot more than just dust in the form of slime, fest infections, or damage from water or corrosion in the form of breakage of the walls.

Incidentally, only expert and experienced air conditioning maintenance companies near you would be clean this far into your AC system.

  • Refrigerant tubes: Entrusted with the task to carry the coolant between the air handling unit and the condenser, these tubes might develop holes causing the coolant to leak and not reach the desired components. While the other parts could be functioning at their optimum, this little issue could cause you trouble and not let the AC perform as well.

Only a well-scheduled inspection routine would keep you informed of the conditions of these tubes.

  • Evaporator coil and drain pan: Do not forget to free these parts of dirt or clear the drain pan as a huge part to play in allowing the hot air to finally convert into cold air by passing over tubes made cold by the coolant.

The ideal time of the year?

More than talking about the ideal time of the year, it is most important to set up a routine of inspection for possible repair requirements and essential cleaning service of the entire system. This holds true for all types of air conditioners. Especially, at the beginning and midway through a season you must ensure that the maintenance round takes place, best if it does with a professional air conditioning installation company that also has expertise in cleaning and repairing components. Find the one with great customer reviews and a lot of experience in the field.