In earlier days, people watch science fiction movies which seem impossible in the real world. But the rise in technology and after introducing Artificial Technology (AI) that fiction turns in to a reality. People had never expected that expertise in tech reaches in a different world. 

Nowadays, everything from precise medicine to cyber security is done by artificial intelligence. You might be thinking that how it brings change in the medicine industry. 

Let’s understand this by an example:

According to a report, it was found that around two in every ten people in London are diagnosed with brain cancer or tumour. It is a heart-wrenching data. To cure this, the doctor uses the traditional method to give the same treatment to every person. It is done because they do not have the facility to find the main reason behind the disease. But after introducing artificial intelligence, the doctor comes to know about precise meditation. 

There are more places where it has totally changed human life. And one among them is SMART EYE TECHNOLOGYYou may hear this term before. If not, then read the full blog to know how smart eye technology works and the benefits you can receive from it. 

What is smart eye technology?

Smart Eye Technology

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First, we move to the meaning of this technology, let’s have a look at its history. 

It was a vision that turns into the dream and now it is a reality. Every invention occurs just because to solve human problems. It has the same motive too. It was introduced to solve the problem of disabled or paralysed people who struggle to operate the car, desktop and many more things. 

It rises with the concept that the human eye can help technology. How?

Suppose there are cameras installed in your workplace. Those cameras will predict human objectives and actions. It basically provides a TOUCH-FREE INTERFACE to any screen. 

Ok, let understand this deeply…

It is the art of capturing the user’s gaze and his eye movement. This is done with the help of sensors that detect the human eye in a given environment. It collects all necessary data and analyses to access the person’s attentiveness, alertness, and focus to draw an overall mood. 

In the case of the basic eye tracker, the company uses basic computers. But in many complex places, advanced system is to track several objects. 

What Artificial intelligence does in this system?

Artificial intelligence 

You can imagine that getting a precise result from such a complex system is equal to impossible. But here is the thing where AI plays an important role. For a high standard of accuracy, predictability, and stability, AI is important. 

It helps when the surrounding light varies and the user’s eye is partially covered. 

Which sector uses smart eye technology?

Nowadays every sector whether it is health or automobile using this awesome technology. In the automotive sector, many big companies like Audi, Tesla, and Mercedes install this in the driver monitoring system. The reason behind employed this system is MORE SAFETY. 

Those cars which have this facility can run without any chauffeur. It is fully automatic and can detect human faces from several meters. Suppose driver or chauffer lose control because of dizziness, and then this gadget will recognise your face expression and automate the setting. 

In this way, you can save from many accidents. And the best part is that if someone comes suddenly in front of your car, then it automatically stops. This is the reason why this technology influences the auto industry more as compare to others. 

If we talk about medicine, eye tracking is used in neuroscience research. And it will help the patients who are suffering from dangerous diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases and many more. 

This also has a big contribution in the education sector too. As we discussed above that a person with a disability won’t able to do work on a laptop. But with the help of these technologies, they can easily interact with their gadgets in a more intuitive way. 

What is a unique thing about it?

You might be surprised to know that you can install this gadget in your car or home (for security purposes). You can install this at your doorstep. The door will open only when it detects your retina. You want to install it but your financial condition may resist you to buy it. But you do not have to worry because there are several ways through which you can earn or borrow money. 

We have mentioned some of the top ways, which can help you to fulfil your dream. 

Part-time work: It may not be a quick option but you can earn some extra bucks every month and can save it. 

Emergency fund: The emergency fund may be the best choice for you because it will not affect your financial plan. 

Funding from external sources: This is a quick way to borrow money. You can approach a reliable loan lender in the UK and can borrow money according to your needs. 

You can see the smart eye has influenced every part of our life. And it continuously brings revolutionary change to make human life more comfortable and better.