People always think of Africa as an underdeveloped continent which is not as same pace as rest of the world, well this assumption is not true as many of the African countries are growing at a rapid pace. The thing which differentiates Africa from rest of the world is the diversity of wildlife and particularly the animals which include the lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, gazelles, rhinoceros, buffaloes, hippopotamus, and hyenas. The plains of Africa are one of the most favorite tourist destinations for people who love to see the sprawling landscape along with the animals. 

One of the most developed and advanced countries of Africa is South Africa, which is located right at the southern tip of the continent. South Africa is famous for serene landscape, picturesque beaches, delicious food and most of all the African Safaris in the world-famous Kruger National Park which is a staggering 20,000 km in size and bigger than most small European countries. The country of South Africa has a lot more to offer than just big cats and other wild animals. The country is home to some of the most spectacular scenery you will get to see in this world. There are low lying mountains, lush green plains, amazing woodlands, deserts, urban cities, sumptuous cuisines, and friendly people. Few of the reasons why South Africa should be at your place to visit in vacations are

  • The weather of the country is simply wonderful all year round. The summers are quite warm and ideal for travelers from colder climates who would love to relax in the warmth of the sun
  • The South African beaches are very beautiful, and Cape Town tops the list as it offers a wide variety of beaches such as Camps Bay and Clifton.
  • The people of the country are very friendly and hospitable and would love to connect with you
  • South Africa has well-developed roads and infrastructure, which ease the travel considerably. There is a convenient option for both a bus ride and car rental service
  • While many exotic locations in the world are very expensive, traveling in South Africa, on the other hand, is very economical. You can easily get luxurious accommodation, food, and traveling services within your budget
  • There is a huge variety of exquisite food and tasty meals with meat in them 
  • South Africa is known for fun and exciting sports such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, and cave exploration. 

South Africa is one of the favorite tourist destination and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit. Skyitl travel like a local gives you all the information regarding the tour details and available package deals. You will know about the best time to travel, the rates of airline tickets and accommodation. You will also be informed on what travel gear and clothes to include on your tour. The seven things to do in South Africa that do not include wildlife are

  • Rope swings and bungee jumping

You will get to experience the world’s tallest rope swing by falling from a height of 288 feet in the Durban soccer stadium. If you have no fears of height, then the 709 feet bungee jump from Bloukrans Bridge is made for you.

  • Climbing Table mountain

Cape Town is one of the most stunning cities of South Africa and its most prominent part is the Table Mountain which reaches the height of 3500 feet and is situated in a national part which provides up to 350 different paths to the mountain summit. There is a cable car which could take you to the top, but hiking is preferred by people who love to trek. 

  • Surfing on the spectacular and pristine coast

Surfing can be a very tricky sport as you never know when the waves can be forceful. South Africa has what it is to be considered the best surf conditions. You can drive up on the coast which stretches from Cape Town to Durban. 

  • The thrill of river rafting  

There is quite a rocky terrain and landscape around the Orange River, which is an elaborate mix of brown, red, and orange colors. On the banks, the water is a bit green in color due to thick vegetation. Rafting in the winding river with surrounding desert will be a new thing for you. 

  • Rides on hot air balloons

Getting an aerial view of the wonderful grasslands is the wish of many tourists. The ride is so calm and serene as you rise and see the amazing Magalies River Valley which is a half hour from Johannesburg

  • Kayaking in the lakes

Kayaking is super fun and thrilling as you get to ride in wetlands with dangerous rive animals surrounding you such as crocodiles, hippos and even snakes. 

  • Adventures and tours in the caves

One of the oldest tourist attraction of South Africa is the Cango Caves. The tour is easy, but there are many narrow passageways. You will surely see ice-like crystals and distorted helicities, which is a twisted form of stalactite. 

Author Bio:

Hilda Peter works for Skyitl travel like a local. She is recently making a series of articles describing the beauty of South Africa and how there is so much more to see and explore there apart from the wildlife.