Portable monitors are on the verge climbing to the peak as compared to a regular widescreen monitor. There a lot of reason behind it which I about to discuss in a bit. Whereas, the regular monitors are gigantic enough to stay at the same spot as they are heavy enough to carry around. However the portable monitors are light enough to carry around anywhere without getting exhausted. that said let’s discuss the difference between these two major screens available to us on the market. 

Portability Factor

As i mentioned earlier, the portable monitors are lighter than the widescreen monitors, approximately weights over 8 pounds. Whereas, the dimensions on portable usb monitors are also small. On the other hand, we have the widescreen monitors with the gigantic nature making the person exhausted pretty easily. The main reason behind it is the weight that they carry which measured more than 12 pounds. Whereas, some gigantic ones are even heavier. So yeah, the portable monitors are definitely beating the widescreen monitors in this part.

Refresh Rate

 Is the refresh rate on portable screens better than the wide screens? The answer is no, most of the portable usb monitors has the capability to achieve the maximum of 120Hz and yeah there might come new models which could perform better but for now we have the ones with refresh rate as mentioned. On the other hand, we the widescreen monitor having the beasty refresh rate of over 150Hz, which automatically give us the smooth performance. So yeah, wide screens are beating up the portable screens in this part.


 You would always choose the monitor with a better display right? Well it shouldn’t be like that because most of the time the display is better but you’ll miss other factors which are important too. Anyway, the wide screens are the masters of display starting from 720P and moving upto 4k resolutions. Whereas, the portable monitors delivers the satisfactory resolutions of maximum 1920 x 1080P. Not bad right? So it’s your choice to make whether to choose the widescreen monitor and ignoring the portability fact or to choose the portable monitor with the portability factor as well as the decent resolutions. 

Panel Type

There’s nothing to discuss here as most of the widescreen monitors and portable monitors runs on the same technologies. Whereas, both of them has the panel types. Some of them are powered with the IPS panel technology where some of them runs on the TN panel. 

Does Portable monitors require stand?

Of course they does. Some of the portable monitors comes with the built-in stand. Now it depends which type stand the monitor is having. If you’re aiming to use the device in the landscapes, you’ll definitely to look for a portable monitor with a stand which is appropriate for landscapes as the flat stand which designed for tables might not work with the landscapes. 

Response Time

This is the main factor that decides whether the monitor is faster enough. Sadly portable monitors are no better than the widescreen monitors in this part having the response time of over 7 – 14ms. Whereas, some of the wide screens comes with the response time of 3ms which makes them faster. 

Why You Should choose a portable Monitor Over a Widescreen Monitor

Despite the fact that portable monitors comes with some drawbacks, they are also having the advantages like the portability and decent display which we also can’t deny. Whereas, as i mentioned earlier that the widescreen monitors are large enough to carry around. However, they have the best possible refresh rate, response time and display resolutions. But portability is what matters a lot. So yeah, portable monitor should be your priority if you want more convenience. 

Final Thoughts

I am sure the difference between the portable monitors for laptop and the best widescreen monitors is pretty clear to you. Now it’s up to you which one to choose. However, let me tell you, there are many types of portable monitors and large screens available to us. There are also small normal monitors that you can choose instead of a portable monitor but again you won’t be able to carry it around from place to another. Now it really depends on your priorities. If you’re an office guy buying a small monitor would be better and if you’re a gamer, buying widescreen is perfect at this point.