With advancements come complexities. This statement does not hold truer than in this age of digital marketing. Although a revolution took place in the world of marketing with the introduction of digital marketing. But that also meant that the old ways of marketing a brand or product could no longer prevail. Gone are the days when a single website to market a brand would suffice. Now a business needs more than a website. Marketing through other channels like social media is more important these days. It is so essential that even service providers like Spectrum Cable services make use of social media platform to promote their brand. Though, the rate of cod cutting is increasing, yet, through their Internet marketing strategy, they manage to attract more customers. Not to mention maintain a reasonable customer base. 

Today’s blog will throw light on some modern concepts of Internet marketing strategy. 



Search engine optimization aka SEO is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing strategy. In case you are not that familiar with this concept, here’s what SEO does. So, whenever an individual goes searching for a particular piece of information or a product on Google, he types it in the search bar. The moment he hits ‘search’, Google fetches all the related searches to that particular product from the web. And you see these as various websites displayed before your eyes. 

However, some rank better than the others. There will be a website that managed to garner the first position another that took up the second spot and so on. In many cases, actually, in almost all the cases, you won’t bother looking beyond the suggestions on page 1 of the search engine. And in most of the cases not even beyond the first 3-4 websites. So, here’s where the role of SEO specialists come into play. 

They hunt for you the related keywords that will help your website rank above the others. Because every website is trying to compete with others based on the keywords. Therefore, targeting the right keywords to up your ranking game is the key. 

At this point, you might be thinking that how can use keywords and ranking your website based on them be that difficult. So, here’s the catch. The keywords that are the most popular ones are also the ones where the maximum amount of competition lies. Your competitors will be trying to rank their websites for those keywords as well. And that is when the game becomes tough. More competitive the keyword, more resources will be required by you to rank it on the desired position. 

Therefore, it is not easy to get the desired ranking. But that does not imply that it is impossible. It just requires a lot of tactics and hard work. 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Once you have searched the most popular keywords, you will need to create content. Now, this is the place where you can make use of your expertise and try to rank your website above your competitors’. Because unique and original content is always Google’s favorite choice. However, it is one of the most complex strategies. Because within content marketing, there is an array of options that include:

  • Blogs
  • EDMs
  • Whitepapers
  • Press releases

And it is not easy to come up with content that can break through the clutter. You will need to hire content writers or specialists for this purpose. Because writing for SEO is way different from the usual content writing. It is the backbone of the Internet and you do not want to experiment with it that often. Let the specialists do their job. 

Because if you do not manage to rank well, you lose money. And you do not want that to happen. Everything that you see online from blogs to videos, it is content. So, a website or the Internet cannot do without content. And as important as content is, it is also essential for you to market it in the right way. 

Some of the popular ways that businesses use to make their content prominent are through guest posting, hosting webinars and podcasting. You just need to figure out the right mix for your business or brand. And you will see things working in your favor. 



When someone says Internet marketing, he is referring to the many elements that come together to become one. And pay-per-click is one of the many elements that form a part of Internet marketing. And it is more popularly known by the name Google AdWords for people advertising on Google. So, this is how it works.

Remember that we discussed ranking websites earlier. Google AdWords allows you to pay to appear on the top. So, when an individual search for something related to your brand or business, your website will appear on the top by the search engine. It is called pay-per-click because every time someone clicks on your website, you are charged. This makes this technique even more efficient. Because you get ranked for the specific keywords. And only the targeted audience get to view your ad. 

However, there is a downside to this technique as well. If your AdWords campaign is poorly constructed, it can cost your business a lot of money. Another worrisome thing about PPC is that with its growing popularity among marketers, it is becoming expensive. But if you come up with the right strategy, you will increase your ROI while lowering your cost for the campaign. Hence, you need to play smart.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is the king these days. You cannot afford to ignore this aspect at any cost. Even if your business has a website, you need to make a prominent social media presence. However, a common misconception among people is that social media is the key to promote your business among the current audience.

 Well, this is not true. Because you’re social media campaigns should be unique and interesting enough to make them shareable. And from there, your market and audience expand. For that, you need to come up with really good content. Because everyone fancies unique ideas.

Apart from this, you can also adopt the following strategies including:

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Email marketing

Moreover, ensure that your team has access to the fast Internet like Charter Spectrum Internet. Because they need to keep themselves updated with all the current happenings. And you need to update your website and social media pages quite regularly as well.