Composite worktops have become a popular alternative for regular stone worktops. In recent times, Compac worktops have been replacing traditional worktops made from granite and marble. What are Compac quartz worktops and why are they an attractive option? Let’s explore!

A Brief History of Compac Quartz

Compac, the Surfaces Company (or Marmol Compac) is a Spanish company that was established in 1975. Compac pioneered in developing the composite material called Compac Quartz. The company introduced, manufactured, and perfected the process of producing The Compac Quartz contains 93 to 95 per cent pure and natural quartz crystal, which is engineered with high-quality resin, colourants, and other particles to create the composite. Through this process, regular quartz worktops are bolstered with added advantages that natural stone may lack.

Key Features of Compac Quartz

The features of Compac quartz that make it the most remarkable are as follows:

  • Non-porous.
  • Perfect hardness.
  • Smooth finishing.
  • Abrasion-resistant.
  • An Abundance of choice.

Why Choose Compac Quartz Worktops? 

Are you wondering if Compac worktops are worth your money? This is why you must opt for Compac quartz worktops:

It Is Tough and Long-Lasting

Quartz worktops by themselves are tough and durable. When compared to natural stone surfaces is fortified with high-quality resin and pure quartz crystals. The process of re-engineering reinforces its strength and significantly increases its life. As such, even if the Compac Quartz worktops experiences heavy traffic, it can easily sustain the increasing demand.

Compac Quartz Is a Non-Porous Material 

Worktops that are made using a porous material is susceptible to damage and scratches. It can quickly lose its shine and finishing. Furthermore, they are vulnerable to acidic, hot liquids, and other materials. Porous materials will absorb anything spilt on its surface, which could damage it or promote bacteria growth.

As Compac Quartz is non-porous, you no longer have to worry about sealing the counter tops to preserve them. Furthermore, they retain their colour and sheen for a longer duration. Finally, as they do not absorb any liquids, they are more hygienic than their counterparts.

It Is Neither Too Soft nor Too Hard 

Every homeowner desires a counter top that is tough and hard. Normally, hardness is considered to be an indicator of durability. However, the hardness of the worktop should be optimum. A material that is too hard feels uncomfortable to touch and is prone to chipping and breaking. On the other hand, a material that falls below the hardness threshold is neither stable nor strong.

Compac Quartz hits the sweet spot between softness and hardness that offers it strength along with a comfortable feel without the menace of chipping.

Quartz Worktops Are Resistant to Abrasion

Unlike stones like limestone and marble, quartz worktops are resistant to the abrasive action of acids, oils, and other reactive liquids. in its re-engineered form, offers a higher degree of resistance to abrasion. It not only adds to the worktop’s life, but it is also easy to maintain and less prone to any damage.

Available in Attractive Designs, Colours, and Patterns

Natural stone is limited by design and colour. There are only a few possibilities of variation from the regular pattern, as it is determined by the chemical composition of the rock and the geographical area where it is quarried. Furthermore, the price of the natural stone increases with the distinctness of the design.

Alternatively, the greatest benefit offered by Compac Quartz is a diverse set of colours, patterns, and designs. As a result, you can pick just the perfect shade that goes with the colour scheme of your kitchen or bathroom. In fact, you can even have the perfect Compac worktop manufactured as per your requirements. The appearance, design, grain, pattern, and colour can be easily altered and controlled as per your demand.

To Conclude

Whether you are looking for worktops for commercial or residential applications, Compac quartz worktops are ideal for all settings. Another factor worth mentioning here is that the company is environmentally conscious. They often undertake CSR projects that promote sustainability. Thus, you can have a dream counter top that is aesthetically pleasing, durable, practical, and environment-friendly!