India is booming in the international medical tourism industry. India is also known as health tourism. As per estimation, the medical tourism industry in India will be more than double by 2020. Current revenue is 3 Billion Dollars which will be increased to 8 Billion Dollars.

Foreign citizens who need treatments, complicated operations, and surgeries increasingly choose India as a destination for affordable prices and high-quality medical services.

The growing health tourism market in India offers great opportunities for new investments in the private sector, as well as value-added trips, focused on a patient-oriented business model.

Indian Dentists – A part of the American Dental Association:

Indian dentists are associated with major dental associations that include “American Dental Association”. Also, Indian doctors have a long International medical education and India has strict laws that regulate qualifications and training of professional dentists who perform dental surgery and procedures.

Dental implants in India:

An interesting destination for tourists who wish to take advantage of their trip to receive a good treatment of dental implants in India, for its excellent quality and low cost.

Especially from Europe, America, Australia, a large number of people receive dental implants in India because they receive good dental treatment, thus making dental implants in India a very tempting offer and India in a destination of importance for tourists in India.

The main reason for the significant influx of tourists to perform dental implants in India is that the costs of dental treatments turn out to be about 7 to 10 times cheaper than in America, the United Kingdom or in other European countries.

Many famous dentists have done special treatments of dental implants in India for patients coming from abroad. On this basis, patients who require dental implants in India can request their appointment and, based on this, they can plan their visit to India.

Another important advantage to receive dental implants in India is the low cost of travel and accommodation in India given the price of hotels, which reduces the problems to carry out the various dental implants in India that patients need.

Supports from the Indian Government:

The Indian government has begun to promote the industry and has released plans to oversee its regulation.

More hospitals and, above all, specialized hospitals will appear to facilitate this growing market. India allows 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the hospital sector, without the need to receive approval from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

In addition to these options, the industry also requires important business support functions: organizations must establish contact with patients in their countries of origin through networks with local care providers and provide clear and detailed information about the necessary processes.

Customer care centers specializing in medical tourism could help provide information and increase the credibility of India as a destination for health tourism.

Low-Cost Dental Treatments:

The dental treatment in India is remarkably affordable if we compare it to other countries. As for an example, the dental implants treatment would cost you just $400 to $600 (2500 INR) depending on the company, type, surface treatment, and design.

The treatment would cost you around $1500 to $2000 in Malaysia and $800 to $1000 in Thailand for the US resident. That means dental treatments in India are one fourth the cost when it is compared to other parts of the globe. Also, you can get the same quality of treatment is delivered to you without any compromise.

Other reasons why people prefer India for dental treatments:
  •   Indian surgeons are very well experienced and can perform complex and rare surgeries.
  •   They are knowledgeable at diagnosis and offer the right treatment.
  •   They take minimal time for any type of treatment.
  •   Doctors and staff can speak English.
  •   Major hospitals and best dental clinic have advanced equipment and the latest facilities.
  •   It is very easy to get a medical visa for treatments in India.
  •   Surgeries and treatments are very cost-effective.
  •   Miscellaneous expenses that include transport, food, and accommodation are very cheap.

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