For students studying for Neet physics is not less than a phobia for them. Physics need more concepts rather than learning and being a biology student, Students feel difficulties in Physics part.

Apart from this, they didn’t have any source from where they can get a quality advice and improve their physics Portion. In this article we will try to help you you to conquer the situation. This will surely help you to improve your Physics portion for Neet exam.


First of all you must understand that Physics require concept building rather than cramming so to approach this subject properly you must focus on building your concepts. Try to build your concept directly from the classroom itself. After you build your concepts start solving practice questions.

Practicing more questions will ultimately lead you to crack NEET Exam. Make a daily schedule and try to solve as many questions as you can. Pay special attention to previous year questions.

Reading the Notes

As we wrote Physics is all about concepts building. Along with that you must have something that you can take a look at. That’s why notes are so important. Not only it help to remember formulas and concepts It is very helpful for last minute revision before the exam. Like allaboutes has a collection of physics notes for Class XI & Physics Notes for class XII

Practicing Questions

Solving questions will make you confident. If you are not able to solve questions, Don’t worry just take out solution booklet and see how this question was solved. Attempt that question again until you succeed. Make a scheduled time table give time in previous years questions. Solving previous year questions will give you an idea about the pattern of examination.

Solving Physics in Actual Exam

Now, the main part comes when you need to solve physics in your main exam. Doses’t matter how well you are prepared for the exam. If you didn’t followed a perfect strategy you are not going to do well.

So, The best suggestion for you is to start with Biology section in the exam. As, biology subject is based on your remembrance. So in the start you won’t have to use your brain much. Rather you will easily sail through the questions. After completing biology jump on to chemistry section. Chemistry section need a mixture of concepts and remembrance.

Finally you must go for Physics section. One benefit of solving physics in the end is that your brain will start working to its max level after solving Biology & Chemistry.

There are more chances that you can tackle concepts based Physics questions.

If you are still not able to score well. Don’t worry just write down your mistakes on a page and start rectifying them. It may take time but it is definitely worth it . Once you get going in Physics subject along with Biology and Chemistry. There’s no one can stop you from success.

So these are some strategies that you can follow to improve your Physics score in Medical entrance exams.