HP Officejet series of the printers has provided the latest technologies in the printer. The users run the printers smoothly and it also functions smoothly. Many users get stuck in the paper jam issue which they face is perfectly normal as this can be due to the cartridge problems and carriage problems and the printer displays an error such as “Paper Jam” error In the HP Office Jet series. This error does not let the printing job to be done properly. The paper gets stuck in the printer and the printing job gets hampered. To Troubleshoot Paper Jam issue in HP Officejet Series follows the crisp steps to solve the problem instantly.

Paper Jam issue in HP Officejet Series

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Symptoms of this error:

  • When this issue occurs the product makes more noise than usual.
  • The above-mentioned error displays on the screen of the printer.
  • The copier ejects the paper blank.   

Steps you can follow to solve Paper Jam Issue in HP Officejet:

  • Customers have to remove any loose paper present in the printer.
  • If there is any jam at the rear end of the copier then remove the jam.
  • To solve Paper Jam Issue in HP Officejet, turn off the printer and remove all the cords from the printer.
  • At the left of the device, there is a tab, release it and then pull the door away to remove the door.
  • Then customers have to remove any torn paper, document or rolled paper inside the printer. do make sure that you are not forcingly pulling the paper outside.
  • Now you have to place the rear door back to its place.
  • Now you have to clear the paper from the front of the copier.
  • To do so, turn the product on and then open the carriage doors properly and then when the printer is on you have to disconnect the power from the rear end.
  • After this, you have to remove the paper output tray and if you see any paper which is jammed or torn inside the device, remove it properly.
  • Close the carriage doors and reconnect the wires and turn the printer on.
  • If the Paper Jam Issue in HP Officejet still continues to occur then you have to make sure that the carriages are moving freely inside the copier.

HP Officejet Series

We do hope that after following the steps you have troubleshoot Paper Jam issue in HP Officejet Series by following the above mentioned simple and short steps.