The Amazon Echo is a series of smart speakers which are developed by the biggest e-commerce company- none other than AMAZON. It connects to the artificial intelligence personal voice assistant which is commonly known as Amazon Alexa. The speaker is capable of playing music, voice interaction, playing audiobooks, podcasts and many other things including the live details of traffic and weather. Users can also set up the alarms in their smart devices and the device can also work as a home automation hub for various smart devices which are at home or office.As Amazon has trailblazer the technological advancement to make our lives and homes smarter, these Echo dot 2nd generation devices are helping brilliantly to do the work and to achieve the vision of smart homes and smart lives which was the starting point of e-commerce Company.

Amazon echo dot price

So let us now discuss the pros and cons of the Amazon echo dot 2 and the reviews it got after it has been launched in the United States and in the end, we will also discuss whether the device is affordable is not or is it worth to buy!

Pros of Echo dot 2nd generation

  • The device has an inbuilt speaker.
  • Users can now also connect it to the external speakers via Bluetooth or with a 3.5 mm stereo cable.
  • It has 7 microphones and noise cancellation feature with beam-forming technology.
  • It is a hands-free smart speaker which connects to the personal voice assistant Alexa.
  • Easy to use and it also comes in small size with two colors.
  • Within affordable and great prize.

Cons of Echo dot 2nd generation

  • It does not come with an auxiliary cable to connect it with external speakers.
  • The product doesn’t include a video feature.
  • Speaker is not that good and did not match with the expectations.
  • It is relatively slower.
  • The device does not have bass and lacks the functionality to a bit.

echo dot

As Amazon has announced the sale on the products recently in the Amazon marathon and the Amazon echo dot price has come down and it is now available within affordable prices and it has got great reviews as you can also use it with external speakers as well and you can connect this echo device with the other similar devices and this feature overshadows other cons which the product has. Overall it is a great product to purchase!